How did it happen?

Hello World,
This is MR PIKI Roasters.

We had been thinking about how we able to feedback to Taiwan since we had been working in Australia for years. The answer is all the knowledge we merge from coffee plantation to big scale coffee roastery.

Chi, the owner of MR PIKI stepped into coffee field from coffee and tea farmer in Taiwan. After a few years being a good friend with natural environment, he moved back to Taipei and started learning both Q Grader and coffee roasting skills. In that period, he was able to access extremely wide range of different coffee greens. That’s why we are capable to handle every single origins easily today.

Back to 4 years ago, we started doing barista job in Australia. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to be trained by a very strong team, that made us grown up in an advanced coffee industry. To reach the core value of local coffee culture, we keep chasing any chance to get involved in a coffee roasting manufactory, then we did it. Nowadays, all the unique experiences we got make us who we are now.

MR PIKI’s very first roastery is located in West Central District, Tainan. There will be a corner espresso bar for showcasing our delicious blend and beautiful single origin , also for offering professional barista training program to whoever falls in love with great coffee. Our main concepts are including connecting with local communities, sharing our knowledge to the market, and help those who believe in us stay stronger.

Thanks for your time, and wish you a lovely day.